Exotic cars, awesome architecture and jaw dropping speed? Check out the Most Expensive Cars released this 2013.

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check out 2013’s List of the Most Expensive Car’s in the city and see how much each car costs…

something to mess up this rainy Friday

  • Can you name this car logos? well some are already given, but how many can you name right :) check out here to know if you got the right answers..

Muay Thai included in the Fourth Asian Beach Games

Thailand will be hosting the Fourth Asian Beach Games in 2014, and what makes the Thai’s ever more excited is that Muay Thai, their national combat sport is finally included in the said event.

Tools You Need In Case Of Car Emergency

Despite taking the best precaution and careful driving, somehow people still get into some kind of car-related emergency situations such as a tire blowout or a serious engine fire. While most drivers keep first-aid kits and maps in their glove compartments, there are other essential tools which can be useful in case of such emergencies.

Auto Escape Tool is a must have in your emergency car tool kit.This handy gadget has two small steel tips designed to break a window in one or two blows and is especially helpful if the car is submerged in water. It also has a sharp blade to slice through seat belts. This tool can be clipped to your key chain or attached to your visor.

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you can find the list here

Do you need Car Insurance?

- most of you probably think that getting a car insurance is just another expense to pay, but think of this as an asset instead of liability, with the number of car accidents, not to mention if you are just renting the car, it is best that you have your car and yourself insured.

- check this out for the reasons why you need a car insurance

Choosing the Best Car Insurance

- with our society where accidents happen anytime, anywhere, isn’t it best that we are insured?

- the first time I rent a car, the renting company asked me if I would like to avail their  two in one promo, rent a car plus insurance, since the deal is good and the amount is not that high I avail that promo, never did I know that an accident will happen, thankfully, Im insured the car’s insured, it saves me a lot of money, plus the insurance also covers something like, they will be the one to investigate and give the reports to the car rent company, so there is no inconvenience on my part

- but, that’s just my luck, it just so happen that the car insurance I was able to get is great, did you know that there are so many car insurance company that offers fraud? Yes there is, lots of them, so here’s Choosing the Best Car Insurance and Do you Need a Car Insurance if you are just renting a Car to help you avoid getting tricked

The ABC’s of Car Insurance

Buying a car doesn’t end there, many  countries I know requires the car owner to have a personal accident insurance for the car and the owner himself  just in case an accident happen, this rule is also applied for those who just rent a car since most rent a car companies also offers the car insurance package together with the car rent deal thus, a huge number of insurance companies started to pop out in the market, some offer a really trusted one, while there are also fraud ones you might encounter, so to prevent this here are The ABC’s of Car Insurance, and also you might wanna check out why you need a car insurance here.